29 for 29: Outstanding Feedback on Xerox Product Launch

By Tracey Koziol

It’s been an exciting couple of months at Xerox as we announced the biggest product launch in our company’s history on March 29. We rang in this momentous occasion by hosting industry analysts and press from around the world at Future of Work events in London and New York City, where attendees received a first-hand look at a selection of our 29 new Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers and multifunction devices. Now the Future of Work tour is crisscrossing the globe visiting with customers and channel partners from Paris to Chicago. The product launch and global tour have been a huge success so far, but don’t just take my word for it.

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See how Xerox ConnectKey technology transforms the experience of how employees work, and give them the freedom to solve problems, be more productive and take on new challenges.

Here’s a sampling of what the global press, analyst and influencer communities are saying about ConnectKey and Xerox’s view on the future of work:

  • The NYSE shares a deep dive into the Future of Work event in New York City on March 29, the ConnectKey lineup and Xerox’s rich history of innovation, recapping how “one of the tech industry’s most historically innovative companies pivots for an increasingly digital, interconnected future.”
  • UK-based industry analyst Louella Fernandes weighs in on Xerox’s new ConnectKey technology asserting that it “not only showcases Xerox’s commitment to innovation but also provides an opportunity to foster the development of innovative software applications amongst its channel community.”
  • CRN highlights the incredible benefits of ConnectKey technology for Xerox’s channel partners, quoting John Hand, managing director, Complete Document Solutions, saying, “Xerox has cracked the code on ease of use with this. It’s a conversation that doesn’t talk about feeds and speeds and dollars, but work processes.”
  • In a video interview with TechRepublic, Xerox CEO, Jeff Jacobson, discusses how ConnectKey technology builds on Xerox’s 110 year history of innovating to better serve our customers.

    Tracey Koziol
    “This outstanding feedback is only the beginning.” — Tracey Koziol, senior vice president, Workplace Solutions Business Group, Xerox
  • Rich Freeman, host of ChannelProNetwork’s weekly podcast, discusses the launch, calling ConnectKey devices “the gifts that keep on giving.”
  • Actionable Intelligence says “the company’s latest MFPs are a paean to the smartphone and how it has transformed the workplace.”
  • Small business expert Steve Strauss interviews Xerox’s Steve Hoover, CTO, and Dragana Pavlovic, SVP of Engineering, in an episode on his podcast The Self-Employed about the history of Xerox and the company’s continued drive to innovate for the evolving workplace. Steve Strauss also shares his insight around Xerox’s past innovations in a blog post saying, “the sweet spot of innovation occurs when a great idea meets a market need. Find that, and you will hit a homerun.” He cites our ConnectKey lineup as an example of this innovation.
  • Small business expert Brian Moran writes about how Xerox is changing the way businesses view multifunction printers with the ConnectKey family of products in a blog post for Small Business Edge.
  • Security influencer Eric Vanderburg reviews the ConnectKey lineup on his blog, Security Thinking Cap, noting the impressive security features within the line.
  • An analyst report from Keypoint Intelligence recaps the Future of Work event in London and assesses the industry impact of the new ConnectKey lineup saying, “during an industry event that launched a historic number of new products, not one session discussed the ‘speeds and feeds’ of the hardware. That in itself is quite a remarkable shift. Xerox’s emphasis on downloadable and customizable apps as well as commonality across the entire product line is a welcome change and certainly gives it an advantage against much of the competition.”

This outstanding feedback is only the beginning. Check back in next month as we share a selection of the product reviews we’ve received on the ConnectKey lineup.

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