What Works for You in the Modern Workplace?

By Gregory Pings, manager of Content Marketing for Xerox

Is the modern workplace a destination, or a concept? From traditional brick and mortar offices to home based virtual workers, the great debate rages on as to what’s the best way to get the job done.

Falynne Finagan
“I don’t think the future of work is about where work gets done, it’s about the technology that enables how work gets done.” – Falynne Finagan, head of Social Media for Xerox

“Work isn’t somewhere I go, it’s something I do,” says Falynne Finagan, Xerox’s head of Global Social Marketing. In her role, Finagan oversees the company’s 50-plus social media accounts, working with marketing teams across the globe.

“Social media is revolutionary. It has changed the world in so many ways, especially the workplace – it also rests for no one,” said Finagan. “My job can’t be done between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. It can’t be done in one language and it can’t be done without collaborating with people across multiple geographies.

In order to keep pace with the sheer speed, volume and scale of social media, the Xerox team relies on a number of tools to connect with each other, and their audience on the Web.

“For us, the modern workplace is all about being able to communicate and collaborate on our own terms. We can’t be bound to email or even conference calls,” said Finagan. “My team uses apps like Slack, Skype and Voxer to instantly communicate with one another. We also use social media monitoring software to keep a constant pulse on the conversations taking place in the world.”

At Xerox, we talk a lot about “setting the page free” and Finagan’s work is a great example. “Page” transcends both the printed and digital page; it is all forms of communication – person to person, people and machines as well as machine to machine.  “Free” is about liberating your message, helping it flow freely, making it more productive and timely and of greater value. There are plenty of ways to communicate and share information. There is also a constant demand for improvement.

How do you set the page free?

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In today’s always-on and rather impatient world, workers seek easier, better, faster and more productive solutions.

Looking to the future

“I don’t think the future of work is about where work gets done, it’s about the technology that enables how work gets done” explains Finagan. “Picture workers who primarily wear their technology instead of logging into their computers every morning. Think smart watches that match the capabilities of any PC or tablet on the market. Video conference calls that go a step further to holograms and make people feel like they’re in the same room.”

“The future is exciting to think about. The possibilities for setting the page free are endless.”

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  1. Tina June 21, 2017 -

    “Work isn’t somewhere I go, it’s something I do,” – Great phrase and concept!

  2. Laurie June 26, 2017 -

    Love the concept of #set the page free~ . I’m slowly learning how to be more nimble on the go using more mobile apps to get work done outside the office and relying more and more on my phone to get work done when pulling out my laptop isn’t possible.

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