8 Things You Should Know About Energy Star

By Wendi Latko, Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® is 25 years old. At Xerox, we celebrate #EnergyStarDay with eight things you should know about the program.

      1. Xerox is an ENERGY STAR Charter Partner. We helped define the standards for energy-saving attributes for ENERGY STAR’s imaging equipment product certification.
      2. 100 percent of our eligible products meet ENERGY STAR requirements. We set that goal in 2012, and have achieved 100 percent certification ever since.
      3. How we reduce energy consumption in laser-based printers: Adjustments in the fuser design, changes to the properties of the toner, more efficient electronic controls, and tweaks to the workings of the xerographic system have helped us produce printers that use less energy with each product iteration.
      4. Each product in our largest-ever launch is ENERGY STAR certified. Each of our new VersaLink and AltaLink ConnectKey-enabled devices that were launched earlier this year are ENERGY STAR certified. This means that each of our products are independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer emissions that contribute to climate change.
      5. Managed print services reduce energy consumption and waste by optimizing and updating printer fleets. Learn how managed print services can take your printing infrastructure from so-so to outstanding.
      6. The Xerox Earth Smart Global Print Driver encourages end-users to use printer settings that reduce paper waste, toner usage and overall energy consumption. Learn more about this truly universal print driver.
      7. The Xerox Print Awareness Tool uses gamification to educate end-users, and improve their print behavior. See how the Xerox Print Awareness Tool can help you save money.
      8. CompleteViewPro and the Xerox Sustainability Calculator are assessment tools that help customers understand their current performance against sustainability goals, and design solutions that will help them meet or exceed new targets. Learn more about the print assessment tools we use for our managed print services offerings.

      Celebrate ENERGY STAR Day

      ENERGY STAR Day celebrates the responsible choices our customers make every day to save energy, save money and protect the environment by choosing ENERGY STAR certified products. Sometimes, you use less energy by using products that are designed better. Sometimes, you use less energy by using tools and services that allow you to use these products less often. (Yes, Xerox wants to help you achieve this goal, too.)

      Learn more about environmental responsibility at Xerox:

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