A Snowfall’s Curative Effect

By Gregory Pings

Poor George Bailey, an all-around decent man with a loving family who works in a job he never really cared about. George’s work life brings him into regular conflict with the miserly Henry F. Potter, who finally pushes George past his personal limit.

Even in a small town like Bedford Falls, people get crazed during the holidays.

Joyous as the holiday season is, it doesn’t always drown out the noise in your life. We look for that quiet space; the zen that allows us to slow down and watch a new world emerge before our wondering eyes.



Big flakes coat the steeples, roofs and branches.

Heck, even the telephone wires look good.

Maybe that’s why it’s snowing on Xerox.com. It’s on the home page only, but it appears on all of our homepages around the world – even in places like Argentina where Spring is in full swing.

When George Bailey finally proclaimed his desire to live, a gentle snowfall sealed the deal – a curative for his wounded spirit.

And Clarence got his wings. Best. Ending. Ever.

It will stop snowing at Xerox.com on December 31. After that, we’ll roll out the confetti until January 3. Thank you for hanging with us in 2017, and I look forward to ringing in 2018 with you. It is, after all, A Wonderful Life.

*From the editor, January 4, 2018: The snowfall on our homepage has finished, and we’re sweeping up the confetti. Outside my window in real life, winter storm Brody is covering the Connecticut landscape. Stay warm and safe wherever you are, and stay open to the new year’s renewed hope.

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  1. Martha December 20, 2017 -

    ZuZu’s petals and the whole works. The little things!

    • Gregory Pings December 20, 2017 -

      “Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”
      “That’s right ZuZu!” 😉

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