Xerox Reverse Supply Chain Makes Every Day Earth Day

By Catherine Reeves

Did you know that Xerox is an R2 Leader and the reverse logistics facility that manages our national take back system  in the Cincinnati, Ohio, suburb of  Monroe  is certified to the Responsible Recycler (R2) Standard for electronic waste?

Electronic waste, commonly referred to as e-waste, is any electronic device that has been relinquished by its former user. Electronics contain hazardous materials, such as mercury and heavy metals that can contaminate water supplies and the soil, or pollute the air if not managed properly.

Unrecovered waste that is left to accumulate on the ground, as often happens in developing countries, may  cause harm to people, wildlife, and the environment. When managed appropriately – as in R2 certified facilities – these issues are not a concern.

Electronics that were once considered “waste”  now have economic value and serve as an input to another process, or are reused after repair.  This “reverse supply chain” is a classic example of sustainability because  of the environmental, safety and economic benefits. And, in the Xerox case, quality benefits, because all remanufactured products and parts meet the same quality standards as “newly manufactured”.

Reverse logistics in the U.S.

Xerox’s national takeback facility is located in Monroe, Ohio, and it has earned certification to the Responsible Recycler standard.

The R2 certification signifies that our facility follows a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements that emphasize quality, safety and transparency. The process to earn R2 certification is rigorous, and it requires an independent auditor.

Our facility Monroe is the hub for our national reverse logistics system in the United States. There, we make decisions on how to optimize the environmental and economic benefits of all returns.  This facility also responsibly manages all trade-in programs and leased products. This allows us to claim the optional corporate EPEAT criteria on end-of-life processing requirements. To date, we are the only imaging equipment manufacturer able to do so.  Products that are registered under EPEAT meet various criteria that address the full lifecycle of an electronic product. The Green Electronics Council, and other third-party assessors, audit the accuracy of those claims on an ongoing basis.

How to recycle your Xerox equipment

11,000 metric tons of e-waste are reused, recycled and remanufactured in the United States every year. You can help Xerox do its part.

Xerox Green World Alliance recycling program accepts more than 2.5 million cartridges and toner containers. Learn how you can return your cartridges and equipment to Xerox, or find a local recycler.

More information about Xerox’s sustainability initiatives: Learn how we work with customers and stakeholders to maintain the highest standards for preserving our environment, and protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) is the housing body and ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization for the R2 Standard, which means it is the organization directly responsible for its development and maintenance.

This achievement allows Xerox to be designated as an R2 Leader by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) – we are one of only 17 companies in the world to earn this designation. R2 Leaders are committed to integrating sustainability into their operations, actively work to encourage the responsible management of used electronics, and provide their customers and employees with access to information on responsible recycling practices. Additionally, R2 Leaders commit to supporting responsible and sustainable electronics repair and recycling as described in the R2 Standard.

The employees at our takeback sites around the world celebrate Earth Day every day. You could say it’s in their job descriptions. It’s one way we’re able continue our corporate legacy of environmental sustainability.

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