Xerox Customer QuantumDigital Achieves G7 Master Printer Designation

By Michael Riebesehl, Business Manager Digital Image Quality, Xerox

Recently, QuantumDigital achieved a G7 Master Printer designation from IDEAlliance. This is a terrific acknowledgement of Quantum’s high level of commitment to digital color and confirms that the Xerox iGen3 110 Digital Production Press can consistently and accurately produce work for their demanding clients.

To achieve this recognition Quantum worked closely with an IDEAlliance certified G7 Expert to determine their workflow process including; production goal tolerances and process controls to monitor colorimetric accuracy and neutral gray balance rendition across six iGen3’s. Oris Press Matcher was integral to the workflow to enable offline measurement and integration of device link profiles across their fleet of digital presses.

More information about QuantumDigital and their Master Printer Status can be viewed here.

And, to learn more about Oris Press Matcher check out this link.

Congratulations QuantumDigital!

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