Resolution: I will not waste paper in 2010

Take a look around your office. What do you see?

I see piles of paper staring back at me. We’re all guilty of wasting paper – and my resolution is to cut back. To remember the forgotten print outs, to stop making the extra copies, to read the 20 page article online instead of in hard copy.

It’s no secret that more and more companies are making similar resolutions – changing the way they do business to make the workplace more environmentally friendly. But as Heather Clancy points out in her recent ZDNet blog post, making the most of how you they use paper-based processes and printing/copying/scanning technology, is a secret that many companies are still discovering:

“You’re whipping your data center into energy-efficiency, you’re managing the power of your notebooks and desktops, but have you started really evaluating your printers and other office equipment? The green potential is very real, and I’m not just talking about saving a few trees.”

She means that companies like Western Forest Products are finding that in making business “greener,” they find bottom line benefits too. Western Forest Products switched its entire accounts payable process to digital with the help of Xerox’s DocuShare Enterprise Content Management software and multifunction devices that print, scan copy and fax all in one. The company now saves $20,000 per month, has freed up storage space and can turnaround invoices in a matter of hours. Prior to going digital, the company had to manually process more than 700 paper invoices which was costly and often took days to complete.

Now on to 2010 and may auld wasteful processes be forgot.

– Falynne Smith, Public Relations Manager, Xerox Corporation

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  1. Paper Gear January 4, 2010 - Reply

    It’s very true that many businesses are unaware of the type of savings you could be talking about. Being green isn’t just about ‘looking good’ and boosting your PR, it can be significant savings and increased profitability for businesses.

  2. karenmcdermott January 14, 2010 - Reply

    For me not printing has helped to minimize my attention deficit disorder. No more printing and forgetting to pick up at the printer. If I can’t immediately read something online – I bookmark it and read it when time permits. Great resolution!

  3. […] colleague, Falynne Smith recent wrote a blog on her New Year’s resolution to not waste paper which inspired me to add my thoughts on the paperless office […]

  4. cristal November 13, 2012 - Reply

    how much

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