– By Robin Wessel, marketing director, Indirect Channels Business Group, Xerox

Ok, I have a confession, I’m a gadget geek. I love all things technology and I often am the first on the block to have the latest High definition, 3d wiz bang gadget.  Unfortunately this habit can result in both a lot of disappointment and worse yet empty bank account. Like millions of other consumers around the world, I have come to depend on the opinions of others when it comes to making buying decisions. Product reviews have become an essential part of my buying process.  In fact that the last gadget I purchased, a GPS wristwatch was based in large part to the comments of what real owners had to say.

Xerox printer ratings and reviewsAs a consumer a lot of this feedback is right at my finger tips, but from a business perspective, when I try to follow the same approach for a major purchase decision it’s not so easy. I still want to know about the experience of past and current customers – my peers- but this often requires a more in-depth search. What did they like about the product? Is the optional add-on feature worth the extra cost or will the standard model meet my business needs?


If you have an opinion about Xerox equipment you’ve used in the past or are currently using, I hope you’ll search for the products you are familiar with and post a comment with your review. Your comments will provide relevant insight and valuable information on Xerox products and features that can help other customers. You can rate a product, post commentary and your recommendations.

So please, tell us what you like, what you don’t like. How are Xerox products helping your business or what would you suggest for improvement? Customer feedback is important Xerox and to our future customers and we look forward to hearing from you.