by: Joe Doherty Executive vice president and chief operating officer, ACS Government Solutions

Walking down the streets of Riverside, Calif., you might not know why it’s such an intelligent city, but ask someone who lives there and you’ll start to understand why.

You’ll learn that residents can report problems like broken streetlights, damaged trees, graffiti or forgotten trash pickup by downloading the city’s free iPhone application that lets people take a picture and email it to Riverside’s 311 center so the issue can quickly get to the appropriate city department.

The city also shares its intelligence at SmartRiverside’s award-winning Digital Inclusion Center.  The center provides information about technology and how to best using it, including free training, software, refurbished computers and free Wi-Fi Internet access for low-income families.

Riverside’s technology efforts have not gone unnoticed – the city has been named one of the world’s “Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year” by the Intelligent Communities Forum and could soon be named the most intelligent city when the forum announces a winner later this year.

ACS, A Xerox Company has long helped Riverside use intelligent technology solutions to stay focused on service to citizens.  As the city’s IT provider, ACS helped develop innovative technology like the iPhone app, and we’ve been part of the community by managing SmartRiverside’s Digital Inclusion Center. As a result of our work together over the past 10 years, Riverside today announced  it’s making another intelligent technology decision — using Xerox’s expertise in managed print services to reduce the city’s operational costs by nearly 20 percent.

Riverside CIO Steve Reneker signed on for a five-year Enterprise Print Services contract with Xerox to better manage the way documents are printed, shared and updated across city departments.

An intelligent city with intelligent solutions. Way to go, Riverside!