Louder than Words: What Color Can Say About Your Brand

By Jill Morton, color psychologist and branding expert

As USA Today’s Steve Strauss points out in his recent “Ask the Expert” column, many new entrepreneurs spend a good amount of time playing the “name game” – focusing on a moniker that represents the identity and ideals of the brand. But what many don’t realize is that a brand’s colors can speak equally as loud as the name itself.

Think about it – if you name your company “Rest and Relaxation Day Spa,” but create a neon orange and yellow logo, it’ll scream anything but relaxing.

There’s a lot more to color than meets the eye, which is why it’s important to look beyond the name and consider what message the colors in your logo and marketing materials are sending. They have the ability to represent thoughts and ideas, evoke emotions and incite action. The strategic use of certain colors can also make business startups stand apart from the competition and even impact the bottom line.

So how do you pick the right colors and ensure your messaging hits home? Check out my latest article for a few quick tips on successful color design: Color Harmony in Business Documents. The ones you choose could have a bigger impact than you think!


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