#FocusFriday: Finding Focus on the Road

By Chuck Robbins, senior vice president, The Americas, Cisco Systems

At Cisco, one of our top priorities is customer intimacy – a passion for maintaining closeness with customers and learning the ins and outs of their business. While traveling actually helps develop customer relationships by offering more face time, it can also pose a distraction and stress.  So, how can road warriors stay focused on the intricacies of developing strong customer connections while in the air or on the road

Picture this:

.         You’ve checked in for your flight (6:34 a.m.),

.         booked your rental car (9:59 a.m.),

.         upgraded your hotel room (10:15 a.m.),

.         located your client’s office on Google Maps (10:22 a.m.),

.         found a roofer to fix the leak on your patio at home (10:37 a.m.),

.         and checked your work email (11:24 a.m.),

.         all from your smartphone.

Now you sit down to do one last prep session before your 1:30 p.m. meeting, and realize your colleague sent last minute edits to the presentation you’re supposed to deliver. How will you quickly
print the new version?

Managing all of the distractions that come with business travel is difficult enough. To maintain a productive environment, our employees need the ability to operate seamlessly, as if they were in their own office, no matter their location. Cisco is dedicated to providing our employees with the capabilities they need – anywhere, anytime. Our new mobile print platform that provides easy access to printing capabilities is a great example.*

Take the situation above. To print that presentation, our employee doesn’t have to worry about firing up his or her laptop, downloading software and mapping to a printer. Instead, using mobile print, without breaking a sweat that same employee can email the document from any mobile device and collect the printout using a code at any enabled-printer, and most importantly, stay
focused on impressing the client.

While the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and scattered-about, time-saving solutions like mobile print make the business world a little smaller and more personal. Now we can free-up time to focus on customer relationships.


The content shared in this blog post is the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Xerox.  #FocusFriday is a weekly conversation helping people with productivity in the office.  Posts can be at the same time fun and serious, in the spirit of the Xerox’s Business of Your Brain app, yet always focused on what matters most, Real Business.


*Updated November 21, 2017.

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