By, Erin Isselmann, Xerox Global Public Relations

Since today is the last Friday in January, it is my last chance to make some New Year resolutions that I hope will help me keep focus in 2012.   Here is what I plan to stop, start and do more of in 2012:

Things I will stop doing:

  • Interrupting when someone else is speaking  (Here are tons of reasons and good advice on how to stop)
  • Asking for permission (HBR says this is one of the main things that holds managers back)
  • Shut down other’s ideas  

Things I will start doing:

  • Really listen, so that I can hear what the other person is telling me 
  • Not take things too seriously…laughing is a good thing
  • Take time to get to know colleagues that I haven’t worked with before

Things I will do more of:

  • Pick up the phone and have a live conversation
  • Follow my gut instincts
  • Try new things and learn from them

Is there anything you want to stop, start or do more of in 2012?