FocusFriday: Last Chance New Year Resolutions

By, Erin Isselmann, Xerox Global Public Relations

Since today is the last Friday in January, it is my last chance to make some New Year resolutions that I hope will help me keep focus in 2012.   Here is what I plan to stop, start and do more of in 2012:

Things I will stop doing:

  • Interrupting when someone else is speaking  (Here are tons of reasons and good advice on how to stop)
  • Asking for permission (HBR says this is one of the main things that holds managers back)
  • Shut down other’s ideas  

Things I will start doing:

  • Really listen, so that I can hear what the other person is telling me 
  • Not take things too seriously…laughing is a good thing
  • Take time to get to know colleagues that I haven’t worked with before

Things I will do more of:

  • Pick up the phone and have a live conversation
  • Follow my gut instincts
  • Try new things and learn from them

Is there anything you want to stop, start or do more of in 2012?

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  1. Foreign Investment In India January 29, 2012 - Reply

    Interesting Article.. Last Friday resolution is a new thing for me ..

  2. erinisselmann January 31, 2012 - Reply

    Thanks glad you liked the blog.

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