By, Will Saunders, group president, Government Healthcare Solutions, Xerox

At the World Health Care Congress in April, both Ursula Burns and I made a promise that Xerox was aggressively pursuing contracts to work with states to build and manage health insurance exchanges. Given the historic opinion from the Supreme Court this morning, it is time for a progress report.

Our state customers now face the daunting challenge of implementing the Affordable Care Act with extremely tight deadlines. As we always have, we will partner with our state clients to make them successful.

Last month we formally announced our Health Insurance Exchange solution, which enables us to present with a comprehensive solution that offers the best of both worlds – an existing exchange that is fully functional and operational, but is also customizable so states can meet the specific needs of their residents and small businesses.

Health Insurance Exchange Infographic

States are already reacting to our expertise and solution. We announced this month that we are administering Florida Health Choices’ Marketplace. Xerox will work with Florida Health Choices to support a Marketplace that increases access and knowledge about health coverage for consumers, by providing a Web portal and online selection plan.

And to wrap up our progress report, I want to address what the market looks like for Xerox to continue to win business in the health insurance exchange space following the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the ACA. States will be required to move forward with building a health insurance exchange to be fully operational for October 2013 enrollments and January 2014 coverage effective dates. Many states will now need to move quickly to meet these deadlines, and Xerox has an ideal solution as it can be configured, implemented and fully operational in time.



Will Saunders is group president of Government Healthcare Solutions at Xerox, the national leader in state healthcare program administration. An ardent and enthusiastic career healthcare professional, he strongly believes in the power of technology to improve health outcomes.