By Carol Zierhoffer, chief information officer, Xerox

CIOs today aren’t just grappling with how to make the latest technology work. They’re looking to change business outcomes. To transform and simplify business processes using technology that removes unnecessary steps, improves workflows, and delivers better experiences.Undoing the complexities of technology

Advancements in technology will continue to evolve as we enable knowledge workers to be more productive in this interconnected, mobile world we live in.  But with those advances comes an unintended by-product – complexity.  Part of my focus as a CIO, as well as our overall strategy at Xerox, is to simplify that complexity.

Today’s launch of ConnectKey is a great example of how Xerox can help tame that complexity and simplify the way work gets done.

Sixteen Xerox MFPs are now ConnectKey-enabled so users can scan and upload documents to cloud-based repositories, print securely and easily from any mobile device, and send business-critical documents directly into a workflow process. These features simplify how work gets done by bringing information to the workers’ fingertips – whether they sit in the enterprise or are part of a mobile workforce.

We’re helping IT departments large and small meet the workforce expectation that technology should do more. ConnectKey MFPs are easier to use, easier to install, and easier to support.   IT professionals can manage ConnectKey MFPs as a central part of the IT network, providing technical support as they do for desktops – via remote management – and protected by embedded security.

Our key differentiator is security – a major concern for CIOs everywhere.  ConnectKey-enabled MFPs are protected with McAfee’s “whitelisting” that stops malware before it penetrates the operating system. This is an industry-first.  We also added an extra layer of security with Cisco’s TrustSec, which protects data paths to and from the devices. Now MFPs are trusted citizens on the network.

Standardization is key to driving efficiency so CIOs can make room for innovation.  ConnectKey’s software ecosystem and technology make that possible.