Save the date: Xerox CEO to discuss the future of work

By Gregory Pings, manager of Digital Marketing at Xerox

Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson will announce the largest product launch in Xerox’s 110-year history on March 29, live from the company’s executive briefing center New York City.

“The Future of Work: Transforming the Workplace” will begin at 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday. It is a news briefing for industry analysts and press that will feature Jacobson and other senior executives.

This is the largest single product launch in our 110-year history. Details will be available Wednesday morning on You may also follow these channels for updates:

@XeroxCorp on Facebook (“Like” us, and Facebook will notify you when we broadcast Kevin Warren’s comments on Facebook Live. Kevin is president of our Commercial Excellence group.)
@Xerox on Twitter
Xerox on LinkedIn

And the following Xerox blogs:

Channel Partner Connection
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  1. Mike Huff March 27, 2017 - Reply

    Check the grammar in the first sentence…

    • Gregory Pings March 27, 2017 - Reply

      Good catch, Mike! (The) Thank you for the sharp eye!

    • Daniel Trautmann March 28, 2017 - Reply

      The superior work of “a steely-eyed graphic arts mercenary”. (I still consider myself to be one.)

      • Gregory Pings March 28, 2017 - Reply

        LOL! So glad you’re on our side, Daniel!

  2. chris weadick March 27, 2017 - Reply

    As a benchmark for future ones, perhaps include a calendar link so folks can add the event to their calendars with a click of the button vs having to add it themselves (better response rate if you automate).

    • Gregory Pings March 27, 2017 - Reply

      Great suggestion, Chris! I will look into it. In the meantime, if you go to Facebook and “Like” Xerox, Facebook will alert you when we stream some of the remarks from this event on Facebook Live.

  3. Candace March 29, 2017 - Reply

    Did they decide not to do this on Facebook Live?

    • Gregory Pings March 29, 2017 - Reply

      Facebook Live will cover Kevin Warren’s remarks, which are scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. EDT. (Kevin is president of our Commercial Excellence group.)

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